A blog is but a medium of expression for the blogger.

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What I Believe

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What Is This Blog About?

In the information society of the 21st century, knowledge is power. In concordance with this principle, I always keep educating myself.

But one must now forget the simple pleasures of life whilst hustling for success. Thus, you could say that while I am studying, I am also thoroughly enjoying the pleasures of life.

This blog lies at the intersection of these two: knowledge and pleasures of life.

This is my canvas.

I use this to spread word of the wonderful, amazing things I’ve learnt, come across or experienced in my life, for others to learn and get value from them.

Take some of it, if you will.

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Get To Know My Life

I live a life of constant activity, like many other people. It has so happened that over the years, I’ve built up a routine such that in any day, I will have read some amazing blog or an article in a magazine, come across motivational quotes, done some photography, gone out somewhere, taken an online course, learnt something, read a book….. the possibilities are limitless.

I share the best of what I’ve come across throughout the day on Instagram.

So that you too can proceed to experience those experiences which continue to enrich my life everyday.

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Time to Explore!

Art, literature and science too are best consumed in relaxation and comfort.

So grab a cup of coffee (personally, I’d prefer some dark chocolate). Or, some other drink, if you prefer. I really don’t mind. Tidy up your desk, get comfortable, and read on.

Check out my blogs (some people like to call them posts).


Thanking You for your interest,