Shifting Blogs

2012: it was the year I started blogging. I had explored both Blogger and WordPress as possible options for putting up my blog, but I was destined to end up with Blogger.


I was very much new to blogging at that time, and I found WordPress too technical to manage at that time. So I decided to go for Blogger. Blogger presented me a platform to start exploring the previously-untreaded platform of blogging, and I was only too happy to oblige.

It’s been 2 years I’ve been on Blogger. I have gone from writing just an introductory post to posts that were real  hits, frequency of 1 post a month to about one every couple of weeks.

I have gone from the shabby, drab default theme of Blogger to a theme that is interactive, customized, and  much more pleasing to look at.

It’s Time For A Change: It was towards the end of 2013 that I realised that I am slowly getting fed up of Blogger. Those same old themes, a drab-looking extremely modest blog website, and limited options. I realized it’s time for a change.

Enter WordPress. The same platform that I had once abandoned was the one I now chose to shift my blog to. Now that I’ve spent some time here, I’ve realized how versatile it is, yet simple enough not to spend your whole day managing technical details.

What I Plan To Do

The easiest option, I realized, would be to set up WordPress to import my blogs from Blogger. However, on second thoughts, I beg to differ. The option of manually copying the blogs is what I choose to do, since that would give me a forced chance to re-furbish and update my probably outdated blogs.

I shall be doing that slowly, and surely. Not too fast, maybe maximum once a week, I’ll get my old hoggies down the road to this new home!


2 thoughts on “Shifting Blogs

  1. I should be. But I’m lazin’ around these days, although the sky and atmosphere is quite favourable, considering it is winter. Seems like another endemic I got from you! I must stay clear 😉


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