A Series

Serene Beauty. Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar

Serene Beauty
Beauty, is not always conspicuous. We get instantly attracted to some things, while others reveal their beauty only if we look and think about it for some time. This is one such view, which contains, what I call, internal beauty.

All reflections are the same for me: they have an “internal beauty”. But my challenge as a photographer is to *bring out my feelings at the point of time when I took the picture, especially when images are concerned with inner beauty.

Choosing between an image which look instantly attractive, and one which has a hidden beauty, is like choosing whether to make a commercial rap or a real good rap as a rapper. A commercial rap always tops the music charts, but the real good ones, stay at the bottom of it. Populism comes at a price, dear sir.

Commercial tops the chart, and soon vanishes. But the real good stays in people’s hearts, notwithstanding its position on the populism chart.

City Lights. Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar

City Lights
I have a very natural indicator of the atmospheric seeing, when I look out of my window. The street lamps 6 km away, which are luckily, viewable with the naked eye.

I have determined that the atmospheric seeing is directly proportional to the brightness of the lights. They are those small dots of light, far away, between the two buildings. In winter, they are mostly very dark, and sometimes, invisible. Today, it’s invisible, so no conditions for astrophotography.

A new gate for those two buildings has just been built and lit up, barely a stone’s throw on the other side of the most infamous canal in Kolkata, the Eastern Drainage Canal.

When I’m seated at the computer and look out, this particularly strikes me, standing out among the darkness. And of course, it’s a new addition to the ever-expanding to-be-Shanghai of Kolkata.


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