After 26 Days…….

This year, the clouds have set in a bit too early. That is obviously something that is not at all appreciated by an astrophotographer!

We normally have a clear sky here in Kolkata, during the month of March. But not this year.

That was kept me from pointing my camera at the Heavens.

Notwithstanding the horrible conditions, I did point my camera two times. The first was an utter disgrace, but the second was much more pleasant.

What I managed to get.   Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar

“Inefficient” Production!
The image I have showed you here is just one of the three light frames I had captured during the session.

If that surprised you, let me tell you that on average, I keep less 40% of all the images I ever take with my camera.

“Inefficiency” in photography is like an indicator of my presence! 😉

The Frugal Reality
Summer has approached. How do I know that? It is indicated by the 365 days’ calendar rolling into April’s court.

Summer months are mostly dreadful. They are full of clouds blanketing the sky. On top of that, there is horrible atmospheric seeing due to the high humidity.In one phrase, the “time an astrophotographer dreads”!

What Happens to the Unlucky Astrophotographer!
It’s only when I take out my telescope and try to look through it at high magnification do I realise how horrible atmospheric disturbance is in summer. Besides, you can’t rule out the possibility of ruining your instruments in unannounced rain.

Just when you have hushed up and somehow managed to pack up all your laptops, instruments, cameras, and telescope, and have fled indoors, precipitation ceases to exist! 

Technical Details & Annotated Version
Yes, it’s time for the bitter dose! The EXIF Data.

Date & Time
Date: March 28, 2014
Time: 20:39 IST (15:09 UTC)
Instrument: Camera
Model: Sony NEX-3
Focal Length: 18 mm
Focal Ratio: f/3.5
Exposure Time: 30"
ISO: 200

Calibration Frames
Dark Frames: 3 (30", 20", 10")
Bias Frames: 3 (1/10", 1/20", 1/30")

Post Processing
Calibration: DeepSkyStacker
Histogram Stretching: Adobe Photoshop
Final Touches: Adobe Lightroom

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