Holidays Are In

We’re beginning today. This day was supposed to be the last working day, but the school authorities were forced to take what they described an “emergency decision”. To close down the school one day early.

What sort of a yarn is that? Justified, I’d say. Considering that the Indian Meteorological Department has announced a heat wave this week: predicting temperatures around 41 degrees Celsius, with around 85% humidity!

Speaking of temperature and humidity, here’s a look out of the window towards the blazing sun. Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar

Temperature is manageable, but humidity is hell! In fact, we people in eastern India are so accustomed to hellish humidity, that we frequently term a 41 degrees Celsius day with 35% humidity “cooler” than a 35 degrees Celsius day with 85% humidity.

I’m serious, mate. Just to illustrate how hellish 85% humidity is, consider this.

It’s like by the time you’ve wiped the water off your body with the towel after bath, you already start sweating!

They say summer in India is not for the faint-hearted. I must say I’m fortunate that I’m quite indifferent to all this business! 

For some (known) reason, which I’m not telling you, I have built up this indifferent attitude towards the blazing summer sun.

For goodness sake, don’t take my words for granted. Of course I’ll not be indifferent if you land me up under the sun in the Sahara!

A satellite image of the clouds over the Indian subcontinent. For goodness’ sake, don’t let me don into the details.  Image Credit: Indian Meteorological Department

See that? Not a single cloud over Kolkata. What the hell is going on? Out of my window right now, I can only see cirrus clouds, those thin fuckers who don’t bring any rain!

A Busy Summer Vacation
Turn the clock back 365 days (if Einstein agrees), and you would find me, a year younger, spending a boring vacation. But things have changed from the second-last vacation I had: during Durga Puja, in October last year.

I choose not to comment on how that occurred. But I do choose to comment on my current vacation, which I’m about to experience.

I’m now in 9th grade in school. Therefore, I’ve got a whole lot of projects and assignments to complete, during the vacations.

Anyways, that would be over in just a week, maximum a week and a half. For the next three weeks, I’ve decided to calibrate more knowledge on my recently-developed academic interests: biotechnology, forensics, and psychology. 

A hell lot of work to do, indeed. Nice. At least I won’t be able to ask, “Mom, what do I do now?” I find it very stupid to ask such questions, and I’ve stopped asking so from last year.

This summer vacation, it’s also time for some fun: writing blogs, Google+ posts, some nice photography, and also some grievances to deal with the government.

Wish you a summer vacation of your wishes ahead!


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