The Looks

My small brother, he is 9. Believe me, he is one of the naughtiest boys round here (not to speak about my “sophisticated” mischief).

It has now become a rule of thumb that there will be a dispute between the both of us at least once every day. It has become a protocol 🙂

Notwithstanding his mischievousness, he can sometimes be completely different. One look at this image will convince you about what I’m speaking of.

My brother playing with the new Lumia phone which my mother bought recently. Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar

See that cold look on his face? That’s the cold, calculated look that he gives whenever he is extremely preoccupied with some task. In this case, it is playing Rail Rush on that Lumia phone.

I personally find this type of cold and calculated look odd, probably because I’m absolutely used to disputes with him. 

He will never pay any attention to you, even if you poke or make fun of him, when he gives this look. It’s a silent reminder, which goes like, “Do Not Disturb, You Won’t Get Anything.” This is one of his hidden qualities, albeit hs naughty nature: when he starts something, he’ll stick around till the end. Children will be naughty, they should be.

He has a friend, one whom he describes with his own mouth to be his “best friend”. A guy known as Jishnu, who too is no less.

The only difference is thatpeople think that he gives less trouble than my bro, Ribhu. Let me tell you, the truth is that unlike Ribhu, Jishnu is mischievous. He does all the mischief behind people’s back (not to speak of myself).

The kind of “introductory” looks you’d expect from Jishnu, especially in the afternoon.   Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar

You know, some people have their own, unique, and often disturbing way of identifying themselves. Jishnu is one of them who identify themselves with irritating characteristics.

The most typical times when he likes to visit our house is when people least expect outsiders. Like when you’re having lunch, enjoying an afternoon siesta…….get the idea, right?

Why? To play with my brother, of course. You’d expect them to play something like table tennis, cricket, or football, being children, right? I have evidence to the contrary of your stereotypical expectations. They join in together to build models using LEGO Bricks, play computer games, play as Secret Agents to the President, etc.

In case you’re wondering how the scene looks, here’s a peek.

This is the scene I’m talking about. Of course, they’re at the PC.  Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar

Besides, that Jishnu especially loves to mess with me in the afternoon, more so when I am enjoying a siesta. To tell the truth, I don’t get much sleep in the afternoon, and when I do, there’s good reason for it. 

This is the look he gives me when I snarl at him for waking me up from my afternoon sleep.  Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar

I don’t like being woken up.


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