Things I could tell you

Sexual Harassment and molestation of Women is today the extremely harsh reality today in our society. You’d be knowing that there is huge outrage over this all over a world.

Maybe you didn’t care much about it, being male. Here’s a perspective at how a woman feels when she is actually in the situation. Take a peek………


I could tell you how we dated for a few weeks and how he treated me a bit shabbily towards the end.

I could explain that we have lots of mutual friends so we ended up at the same party one night.

I could tell you that he attacked me after almost everyone else had left. My voice would probably change.

I could show you the photos of the scratches and bruises he gave me. I could tell you how whenever anyone wraps their hand around my wrists all I can think of is how his handprints were bruised into them for a week.

I could explain that no matter how hard I fought him, he was stronger, so instead of escaping I tore a muscle in my shoulder and couldn’t sit or stand up straight for a fortnight.

I could tell you how he said I was being a…

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