Motion Focus

May 23, 2014: this lone blogger is alone at home, apparently jobless (although I realised later, I had much to do). Boredom is what I utterly hate the most. What do I do? Get hold of the camera, and start photography.

However, due to some reason, even photography did not press upon my boredom that day.

What I needed was something different. But what? I was doing some street photography in long exposure, so that I can make the viewer feel that the cars and people on the road are moving by making them blurred. Suddenly, I asked myself: Why not do it the other way round?  

Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar (CC-BY-SA)

People go about doing their work in this world at their own unrelenting, steady pace. Most of the “outsiders” are too are forced to admit themselves to that group. 

I have evidence of one such person who did not get carried away by this steadfast pace of the world, undaunted.

I cannot say I was not pleased with this first try! I had tried this long time ago when I had seen my dad shooting during a sports event, but was unsuccessful. You know, I’m feeling bad now. Why didn’t I try this earlier?

Of course, I was overjoyed. My frustration disappeared. Excitement overcame it. Why not take some more of these? That’s precisely what I did.

Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar (CC-BY-SA)

I noticed this man rushing home, with his son apparently acting as the driver, being seated in the front.

This reminds me of something. While going to school, I had often noticed a boy, presumably in Class 5 or 6 by his looks, riding a bike through congested traffic, with his dad seated at the back, with his hands on his legs.

I haven’t seen that occur recently. Why? The best speculation would be that law enforcement handed them down a heavy infraction. Although, that’s just a speculation. 

Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar (CC-BY-SA)

Indians are apparently characteristically lethargic in their work towards the end of their work.  And speed doesn’t have a limit when it’s time to go home.

Well, this gentleman portrayed it all: the image of the Republic of India.

Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar (CC-BY-SA)

You have seen cars, buses, and trucks speeding, right? Well, in India, you generally don’t get an infraction from law enforcement for speeding on a bicycle.

This guy seemed to take extreme advantage of that fact? Seriously, was he thinking he’s in a race track, trying to break the sound barrier?

Lots of racing, indeed. Just one evening in the balcony, trying to take motion focus photos, made me realize how much”speeding” takes place right under my very nose, every day.

In the USA, trailer trucks are a common sight, right? Well, unfortunately, in India it is not so. Our roads are much too bumpy for a smooth ride for a trailer truck. Nevertheless, at least in my locality, there is absolutely no shortage of excavators. 

Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar (CC-BY-SA)

I always thought, and was well-knowledged to reason that driving an excavator is not child’s play. Just as an example, to steer it left you turn the steering right, and vice-versa. There are several other complications. 

This ace of a driver seriously put into question the legitimacy of such a belief. True, drivers in India are aces, thanks to the “stupendous” condition of the roads, but I doubt all are like the one behind the wheel of this!

This project was really a learning experience for me. I have finally accomplished what I always dreamed of. However, along with it came problems.

Take a close look at the date when the images were taken, and you would understand the tremendous backlog I’m faced with right now!

You may view more of my photography, preferably on my 500px profile, or if you consider, my Google+ Profile. 


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