I remember a quote that had appeared long ago in an issue of the Better Photography Magazine.  It was something like this:

Sometimes, the most photogenic of scenes occurs when the only thing you have with you is your cellphone camera.

Very true. It has happened to me earlier. And it happened once again. And I am confident that it shall occur for innumerable more times.

This kind of incident occurs mostly when a photogenic scene appears suddenly, literally out of nowhere. In an observant photographer’s life, that can occur as frequently as once every single day.

I myself had often lamented the absence of my camera at times. And earlier, when I did not have a phone with me always, I used to get even more….

Luckily now, I have made a habit of carrying my phone with me always, even when I am inside my own home. You would rarely find my phone outside my pocket. 

Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar (CC-BY-SA)

Well, courtesy of my phone, I managed another nice capture while at a restaurant. I can’t explain why and how, but somehow I found this sight very inviting to my phone camera!


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