Dilemma’s Done?

I opened my eyes in bed, and probably still half-asleep, looked at my phone. The lock screen said in bold, “05:43”. What the…? Had I woken up so early, that too without an alarm? I always thought of myself as a tight sleeper, who cannot be woken up save by my phone’s alarm ringing at least a couple of times. 

Quite, you could say, disappointed, I went back to bed. But I could not sleep. Had enough. I waited to hear a sound from my phone. Finally it did, at 06:15 in the morning, the time I am supposed to wake up.

Today was the Computer Theory examination. One of my most-admired, and quite ironically, also often the most-hated examination of mine.

Most admired because it is the only subject in which you are guaranteed an 80% aggregate without studying absolutely nothing.

The most hated because you often have to write down stupid things: such as, steps to open MS PowerPoint, how to do Mail Merge in MS Word, how to exit MS Word……. all that absolute bullshit.

Not to speak of occurrences away from school, the first question my dad asked me after returning home was, “How was your Computer Exam? Any stupid questions this time, huh?” I gladly (not to mention, truthfully) mentioned that there were not “stupid questions”, and the programmes to be written down were as simple as they possibly could be. 

Image Credit: hdwallpapers.com

Some people, which includes my brother who has spent 9 years on Earth, were partying today, celebrating “Independence Day”, as it is the last day of examinations.

To me, this is not I-day. I was always quite indifferent to examinations, and still are, and probably will be in the near future. So it doesn’t matter whether it the starting of exams, or the ending of exams, or the beginning of holidays, or the ending of holidays. I go about with the same spirit. 

Of course, not to mention that I do look forward to vacations, so that I can spend some time with myself, and do what my passions and interests dictate.

That’s precisely what I am up to, right now.

First thing’s first: robotics. (And, Java)

If you probably recall, I had bought a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Home Kit in August. In case you’re wondering, it is a kit that allows you to build robots of your choice with the famous LEGO bricks and elements, and then attach things like sensors, motors and gyroscopes to it. In a word, a LEGO model that can move by itself as you say.

Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar (CC-BY-SA)

I believe that the graphics on the box are a bit too glamorous for a starter. Quite obviously, and quite expectedly, the one most impressed by it was my brother, and I impressed upon him, with my dad as support, that let’s go step by step. 

Let’s not jump the gun, or make that thing according to the manual. Start with basics, and then move on. Which I already know how to, having attended a Robotics Workshop during my summer holidays this year.

So, basically, I a CAD concept of the robot I want to build on a software known as LEGO Digital Designer, and then actually build it. Programming is done using a totally GUI-based programming software, based on LabVIEW. Needless to mention, I dislike GUI-based programming software.

I have discovered that there is an API and interpreter available for programming this thing with Java. Praise the Lord!

So now, my primary task would be to learn Java well enough so that I can use the API to programme this robot using Java. That would also help be in my academic, in the very same subject whose examination I had to give today. Started already, expecting to finish soon. As soon as possible!

Second Thing’s Blogs.

I have in bag many blogs that I plan to draft, review, and publish. Now’s the time to put them all through the fast pace, so expect lot more literature here soon.

No trailers, please! And no special requests for trailers, too.

Third Thing’s Photography.

During these two (‘valuable’) weeks of examinations, I had done quite a lot of photography. Needless to mention, I’ve got a huge backlog, lots of pictures to stitch into panoramas, much more to be edited and processed, and embedded with the watermark.

Then uploaded, captioned, copyrighted, and shared. All this takes place during this following week.

And more.

I don’t possibly know what else. I am leaving for a nice two weeks’ trip to Bhutan next Friday, so I need to at least get all these targets fixed up for good by Friday afternoon.

Whatever happens, blogs and social media of mine will be woken up from today after a long slumber.


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