Red Light City: Sex Workers’ Experiences of the City of Joy

Here is all that I had to know.

Madison Leigh Rose

Munni’s Story:

I am from Bangladesh and I came here when I was ten years old. I am sixteen now but I tell people I am twenty years old. I have been here for five years and this is my home. I have no family. ‘Ma’ (the lady pimp) is my family. She looks after me, even gives me money to buy saris for Durga Puja. But she means business and I have to work. When I was little, a man came to my house and said he will keep me in a palace and that I will marry a prince… He brought me to Kolkata and left me at one of the dirtiest brothels promising to return but never showed up.

The brothel was owned by a fat woman and we called her ‘aunty’ in Bengali. First she bathed and fed me. I was given a bed to sleep…

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