Everyone’s A Chamcha

This blog is not an entry for the anything.

[ For the curious, not being eligible for the Great Indian Blogging Contest (I am 14 now) never did deter me from writing this blog. I found the theme really interesting to blog about. ]

I happened to be thinking over this theme. It’s one of those random moments of the day when something suddenly comes to your mind, and you feel blogging about it.

Well, so far as the chamca is concerned (I am talking of that little piece of shining metal with which people deposit food inside their mouth), I don’t think the majority of this filthy country ever uses a spoon to eat with.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Nevertheless, the people of India seem to be experts in the metaphorical use of the chamcha. Ok, let’s just reframe this sentence a bit. They are experts when it comes to scooping that sticky, slippery fluid that you often eat with bread for breakfast (if you have bread of breakfast at all, most don’t).

Yup, it’s what the Englishmen call butter. 

Well, these metaphorical chamchas come in different forms. When it comes to their function, all the chamchas know how to do only one great thing in the world: scoop the butter.

And you know what? They pride themselves on that! (Actually, we all enjoy this, don’t we? It’s good entertainment, after all.)

When we scoop butter with the real chamcha, we like to take it with different types of food. These chamchas are no different.

Image Credit: The Times Of India

Some are known as the corporate chamchas. Basically the ones who throw the butter on corporates. The boss says something, and lo! Already done!

The Englishmen, with their usual formal attitudes, call them a more decent “yes-men”.

Image Credit: Scoopwhoop

And then there are the political chamchas. The ones who never fail to garland the babu (or the didi), and then fall on his or her feet. Just look at the smile on their faces!

And further still, there is the student chamcha. No sooner does the teacher ask for assistance than someone’s already wagging his tail, jumping with excitement. Job given. Job done. Praise the lord! After all, he served the guru. 

And finally, there is the chamcha in every one of us. You were probably having a good laugh, until now. No one loves being insulted. Yet, every one of us is a chamcha. 

Don’t believe me? Let me explain.

Sample a letter to a doctor. One who is the best in his field, and on the other extreme, is the most badly behaved you can imagine. Someone who you would never go to if you had a choice. In this scenario, you don’t.

Here’s how you would probably go about it.

Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2009

Isn’t this the extreme of insincere flattery? All of us are chamchas. We all love to unfailingly butter people to earn favours.

Yet, the best part is, unlike other types of chamchas, this species is the most common, and yet the least obvious among the genus.

And, just in case, I am especially good at this chamchagiri with letters.

Cover Photo Credit
The Times Of India


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