Not In Defence of Protests

Wow! Paris. Stockholm. New York. Berlin. Tokyo. You descend onto the streets, shout slogans, and paint cartoons. Meanwhile, in Kolkata, someone’s demonstrating at Jadavpur University.

I really never do understand the logic behind all this. You are protesting the attack on Charlie Hebdo, on the freedom of speech and expression. You are protesting the supposed denial of justice to a victim of an untoward incident at the University.

Yet, what did you achieve? Absolutely nothing. All you got was the glitz and glamour of  national and international media. Besides bringing down the Prime Ministers of perfectly fit, sovereign States in Europe onto the street, standing hand in hand, leading the charge. Besides bringing down the Vice Chancellor of a reputed University which today has no repute left.

You protested to change the status quo. All you did was take a day or two out. At the end of the day, were you able to secure justice for the victims of the crime? Were you able to do anything to prevent such an incident in future?

The answer is definitely no. Shouting on the street gets you nowhere.

If you really want to defend the freedom of speech and expression, you should now be filing a petition in a Court of Law. If you really want to secure justice for the victim of an untoward accident at the University, you should by now have filed a petition in Calcutta High Court.

I respect your sentiments. I respect your emotions. But let me tell you something.

When you lie in bed tonight, waiting to fall asleep, do ask yourself: have you been successful in inching the world any bit closer to what you set out to achieve?

Or has the whole story been reduced to a mere boat which seems to have lost its way, completely? Although it seemed like the right way.


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