A Word to (Mistaken) Feminists

Feminism has always been a very simple idea. Equality of both genders.

Yet, within this community of feminists, political philosophy does apply. This blog might just be called a (scathing) attack on the feminist left.

Much like in the Russian Revolution, as vividly portrayed by George Orwell in Animal Farm, these leftists have managed to gain the support of the masses by spreading their version of ‘truth’. And like Lenin, and also the pigs, they vocally silence any critics of their despicable position of the far left of the French Parliament.

Here’s an example of their “propaganda”. 

Any sensible person (who has not been brainwashed by these leftists) would voice serious concerns regarding the authenticity of the logical foundation of this video.

The philosophy of these people (goodness knows how) is that all men (sorry, almost all men) are bad, and women need to actively defend themselves at all times. 

They advocate that women should get equal by creating a more dignified position for themselves than the other gender, which has dominated them for centuries (perhaps the only element of truth they propagate).

Seriously? You call yourselves idealists, and you’re promoting all this trash that came out of some heads who have lost all sense of reason in the face of adversity? Who have turned over the glorious, intrinsic principles of feminism?

Wonderful, people. Simply, wonderful!

Ancient Truths

I accept that we men have dominated over you for centuries. I accept that I accept that you had been given a less dignified position merely to feed our dominance over you.

It is only from the beginning of this new millenium that things have changed. You have rallied for change. It’s naturally the dignified thing to do. And I do stand by you.

But I do not stand by you when you exploit the long suppressed sentiments and emotions, both yours and of other people, to give bury underfoot the flame of rational logic, and instead adopt measures that border on the thin line between principle and the doom of the lost.

Your sentiments are justifiable. It is a long suppressed fire that is today finding a way out to express itself.

But that doesn’t mean that we extinguish any trace of logic, and start being driven by passion.

Let’s not be animals. It’s our power to make informed choices even in the face of adversity that differentiates us humans from other animals.

A touch with reality: crowds

The most blatantly-debated issue today, fuel added to fire by the feminist left, is that women blatantly face harassment daily. 

Point not taken.

We live in a country consisted of 1.454 billion people, close to 45% of which is female. On average, around 300 people reside in every square kilometre of this country. It is crowded.

It is therefore an inevitable consequence that our public infrastructure, especially those in cities (which are, by the way, the nerve centres of the feminist left), will therefore be crowded.

The result? It is only natural we will accidentally rub shoulders, or perhaps even bump into other people.

On average, we rub shoulders with at least 2-3 people every time we’re out. The problem is, it’s neither feasible nor possible to turn around and apologize every time.

The left-wing feminists might just call of it indecent touch. “Respected ma’am”, in most cases, it’s not.

In such a situation where everyone wants to go their way, it is inevitable that you will bump into someone. Regardless of however hard you try not to, you will.

We all have experienced this. In most cases, the other person doesn’t bump into you purposefully. Neither do you. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

In a place that is crowded, in a country notorious for doing everything at the last moment, people will inevitably scrape shoulders. Step over each others’ shoes. Bump their bags into people.

Hey, why do we make such a huge din (a bit too much) about crimes that affect less than 0.5% of the women of our country, when much more serious crimes like dacoity and arson are at least 3 times more common. It just doesn’t fit the proportion.

Being impulsively biased is understood.

But being paranoid and refusing to try to stop being sentimental and biased is definitely worthy only of folly and condemnation. 

Greetings on the Street

Now, the feminist left must have brainwashed you into believing that every advance a boy makes towards a girl is derogatory.

Excuse me, the left-wing, give me a second to explain myself. Just a second.

By effectively condemning (or banning) communication between the two genders, you are restraining women from exercising the same freedom, no strings attached, which you advocated! 

People, stop these hypocrites from brain-washing you!

The Condensed Idea

People, look at what hypocrites these people who proudly categorize themselves as the ‘left-wing feminists’ are.

Dear feminists, I merely suggest that you put your left wing in order. It’s bringing intellectual disgrace to your community.

Next time you bump into people, next time you scrap your bag across someone, on a crowded street, bus, or whatever and wherever, just remember: it’s not done on purpose. And it’s not bad (unless you’re extremely unlucky).

The next time someone wishes you while commuting, he or she might just be too jolly. Or maybe, expressing interest in you. Once again, it’s not at all bad, unless you’re extremely unlucky.

I hope you are able to wrap your head round this: we are over-reacting.

An Open Invitation

I would love someone to pen down a rebuttal. I’ll be waiting for a pingback!


Your thoughts matter.

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