It’s Tough Being a Celebrity

This is for those who are shouting hoarse over Mr. Salman Khan being granted bail by the High Court of Judicature at Bombay. As for the others, maybe you too can read along.

This criminal trial lasted 13 years. Not unusual. That’s just about any other difficult criminal case.

On multiple charges, the Judge of the Sessions Court awarded Mr. Khan a sentence of 5 years for culpable homicide not amounting to murder, and lighter sentences on several other minor charges.

Since Mr. Khan wasn’t given a copy of the Judgement, the Bombay High Court granted him interim relief until today. Today, the same court has released Mr. Khan on bail, having accepted the Appeal (Criminal) filed by his lawyers, who believe something is not as it should have been.

I really don’t understand what’s there to honk about. One of the oldest and most respected High Courts in this country has accepted an Appeal. That should, by itself, extinguish all questions as to the veracity of this criminal appeal.

Mr. Khan might be a celebrity, but he enjoys the same (constitutional) rights as any one of us. He is being targeted for merely exercising his rights.

Yes, it’s about money. Lawyers come at a premium, especially when it’s a high-profile case. Money lets you exercise your rights. When two-thirds of the prison population are under-trials, unable to furnish bail, you should be questioning the system, not the people who decide to use it to its entirety.


Your thoughts matter.

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