The Common Metal

Coins. One rupee coins, two rupees coins, five rupees coins, ten rupees coins…… they are everywhere. From the official mint of the Reserve Bank of India to being used as scrap metal (and fake Indian currency).


If you’ve been watching closely, it’s been quite a huge break in my photography. I’d been settling things out in academic and personal life, to say the truth, in addition to managing hectic schedules of repeated outings almost every alternate evening.

You know, what? It isn’t easy to get things going which had been sealed off for a considerable period of time. This was very much a forced photograph, that is, I tried hard to look for a scene, something which I usually don’t practise.

Thanks to this very first step, I’m very much back in business now. It’s the summer holidays in force right now, extending for the next four weeks. Nice.

Lots of time for photography. And blogging. And reading and writing. And many other things.


Your thoughts matter.

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