In The Bus

When the bus is empty, the human support system, that is, the rails onto which the crowd clings on to during rush hour, become conspicuous.


It’s been around half a year since I first observed this vantage point. Surely, waiting 6 months is no excuse for a photographer.

Do bear with me if this gets boring. Most of the times I get up on a public bus, it’s usually to return back home from school. Surely, there is no reason why I should take my phone to school, let alone my camera (both of them are not allowed in school, although the former is often smuggled sneaked in).

I’ve wanted to take such a picture for a long, long time. In vain.

But you know, exceptions do occur. Yesterday was the occassion of one such exception. I happened to get up on this bus, and surely, it was empty. It therefore wasn’t much of a hassle to get this famous (photographer’s) seat, which is the very first row behind the second exit door of the bus.

To say the truth, I never consciously made the decision to sit there. But I did choose to sit there (some psychologist explain that, please).

Yet it was one of those moments when you resent the absence of your camera. I mean, why could I have even remotely considered taking my camera out on a casual outing? You get that I captured this with my phone, in a moving bus!

That’s my fallacy. My camera always stays with me when I’m out of the city for a trip, but rarely ever accompanies me on a trip in my own homeland. Nice.

Now you know why that picture’s of low resolution.


5 thoughts on “In The Bus

      1. you are posting your photograph for people to see. you should be open to questions about it. my interpretation is I wasted 2 minutes, 1 minute to read the stuff and 1 minute to write


      2. I didn’t invite you to read my blog, sir. If you think viewing my blog was a waste of time, please be free not to visit again.
        I stick to my stance of not explaining an artist’s work.


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