Approaching Storm

I heard the wind pick up. I looked outside the window. It was looking dark and gloomy. A storm was approaching.

As it is, the place where I live has a hell lot of dust (due to construction activity). As if that isn’t enough, there still are vast swathes of open fields out here. So, you can be pretty sure of dust picking up right before a storm.

My residence on the 6th floor is often a unique vantage point for an approaching storm. Image Credit: Sagnik Sarkar

For some reason, the approaching storm looked photogenic. I shuffled around for my camera in the cupboard. It was cozily tucked away inside the black camera bag. Out if came, and the lens cap. I pointed it out of the window, onto the street.

The dust blew into my face. I didn’t really care. Then came the rain. The raindrops splattered around the windows, the balcony, and my face. Very miraculously, each and every single one of them missed the lens. I guess I have my lens hood to thank, but I had a polarizing filter, just in case.

When my drew my face back inside, my face was splattered with raindrops, and so were my hands, and the camera body. But I knew it wasn’t in vain.

You know why? Because I caught not only the storm, but also a worker welding a new bridge too!


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