Vividly Human

I take a pool car to school every day. Today happened to be no different. We were riding along, the red pointer at sixty on the speedometer, as usual. Then, a sudden bang. Luck (or rather, bad luck) had it that some tire on our car had very miraculously burst.

I looked at my watch. It was ten minutes to eight. Assembly begins at five minutes past eight in the morning, and I should be safely past the school gates by 8 o’clock. Only ten minutes to go, and here we are, stuck in a dilemma no less than 3 km away from our destination!

Well, despise not. As we embarked onto the footpath and looked around, almost immediately, some of us flagged down a friend’s car and rode off.

With merely three gone, there was still eleven of us left! We didn’t have to wait long. A student of our very own school was on his way. He offered us a ride: “You guys wanna get in?” His car happened to be an SUV, so most of managed to squeeze in. Even then, there was still four of us left.

Prodded by a friend, I realized a person on a bus calling us. He too voluntarily offered us a ride. His bus was empty, and he happened to have recognised us as students of our school from our uniform (ok, our school does have quite a brand value in the area).

They dropped us off a few yards from our school, not before I had managed to utter, “Dada, thank you.” They turned left from an intersection, and I right. I entered the school, and looked at my watch: a minute past eight. We had indeed had a close shave!

That’s why I love this city. It’s not called the City of Joy at face value. When you’re in despair, someone will turn up to help you.

I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know the guy who offered us a ride in his SUV, although I had seen his face in school. I hadn’t ever seen before the people who offered us a drop in their bus.

And yet, they helped us. You know, in the face of doubt, this vindicates my ever-lasting faith in humanity.


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