My Mantra

If there’s a single most important thing I’d like to say, it is this. I mean, I’m referring to this particular blog which you’re making the effort to read right now.

1. “Get Angry”

Remember Kailash Satyarthi? Along with Malala Yousafzai, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, for his efforts to save thousands of children from exploitation.

This tagline was inspired by a TED Talk given by him: “How to make peace? Get angry”. 

Get Angry at the things you don’t like in life. Be outraged at such things. Be outraged at what you think is bad.

2. Be Envious

That’s with the bad things. What about the good ones? What about all the stuff you like, all the stuff you admire, all that you wished you could have, or could achieve?

Be envious. Be green with envy to get that.

3. Use your resources (a.k.a. the Internet)

We people today have at our command an unbelievable resource that has only recently been born. Do I need to tell you that’s the Internet?

Think of what it’s helped you achieved. It’s helped you stay connected, socialize with people on the opposite side of the world, send letters to your representatives, start petitions, speak to the President, file tax returns, pay electricity bills, and so many other things.

Every time something happened, and you decided to speak about it, the world heard you. Revolutions started on the Internet, people correct the government “every 5 minutes” using it, advocate for civil liberties, sign petitions, get outraged, write blogs, share pictures, tweet, shout……. in all, speak their mind out.

And above all, it has helped you learn. Without any doubt as to its veracity, without batting an eyelid I’d say, most of the knowledge I knowledge I possess today that doesn’t come from formal academic education is labelled, “source: internet”.

Use it. Educate yourself, get inspired, be knowledgeable, and speak out.

And not just the Internet, use everything you have. Everything. Be it books, someone offering to help you, opportunities for you to learn, anything.

Grab any opportunity that has the possibility to make you greater than you are today.

4. Act

Having gone through steps 1, 2 and 3, this is the final one. Without this, everything else is meaningless.

You can be every envious, you can be ever angry, you might be utilizing every bit of your resources. But if you don’t decide to act, to do what you want to, it’s meaningless.

So, having gone through the previous steps, do what you see fit.


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